Remote Recording

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new remote recording truck.  Even though we are still in the process of completing some final details it is currently working on a Univision Network production called "Viva el SueƱo".  The show is a musical talent competition that airs Sunday nights on Univison Network televison.  Our truck handles all the music mixing duties of the show.

The truck is built on a Peterbilt 330 air ride chassis.  The 24 ft. truck body is a Stallion Class custom design from Gerling and Associates a global leader in broadcast communications vehicles.   The truck is equipped with redundant air conditioning units.  These units are not your typical RV style air conditioning units but rather commercial units modified specifically for broadcast use.  A custom designed electrical system features separate multi-tap isolation transformers for both the environmental/utility systems and the technical systems.  Uninterruptible battery backup and regulation systems will be used for all critical technical needs.

Inside the Gerling body special attention is being taken to the acoustics and isolating the exterior environmental noise.  The truck will be capable of recording up to 128 tracks of digital audio to either a Digidesign Pro Tools HD system, an ADK Pro Audio Nuendo 4 system or both simultaneously for redundnancy.  A portable stage rack with 112 channels of Yamaha AD8HR microphone preamplifiers is a part of the system.  During a job the preamplifier rack can be located up to 1,000 feet from the truck where it is closest to the performance being recorded.  The preamp rack cabling is military grade fiber optic cabling to ensure no signal degradation, interference or grounding issues.  This fiber link can also carry production intercom, video tie lines, Ethernet and control data.  The audio mixers are two Yamaha DM2000 V2 VCM digital audio consoles operating in tandem.  Monitoring will be handled by a 5.1 surround arrangement of JBL LSR4300 series studio monitors. 

This truck was designed and engineered with specific attention to be able to interface with video production trucks and televison broadcast needs.  Even so it is also an exceptional music only truck.   We can read, write and generate SMPTE time code and distribute it to all recorders and consoles.  We can accept video blackburst or word clock for master syncronization.  RTS intercom, the broadcast standard, is incorporated as the primary intercom.  The main flat video monitor has widescreen high definition video capability.  We can also view and route multiple composite video sources.  Program video is simultaneously recorded to a dedicated hard disc video recorder that later can chase the multi-track playback as a visual reference.   We have made much effort to provide redundant paths and equipment for key signal paths where possible.  We also offer dual redundant audio playback systems for your playback needs.  Connections are provided for guest playback systems, recorders and signal processing.

A comprehensive microphone package is available.   We can also supply microphone splitters some of which feature Lundahl transformers along with a large quick disconnect sub-snake package that make working with multiple bands much easier.

Visit this page for updates, more information and pictures.  Should you need immediate information to plan for an upcoming event contact us.

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