Design & Installation

When it comes to designing your project we begin by determining what your needs and expectations are.  We include input from your operators as they are the ones that will be using the equipment.  Because we are not just system engineers but active operators and mixers as well our designs are also practical and ergonomic.

Be assured that we will never recommend needless equipment or overly complex systems.  We intend to supply the best value for your budget.  Future expandability and upgradeability are important factors.  Our desire is to educate the potential buyer so that an informed purchasing decision can be made.

We can design a system for just about any application.  These range from corporate boardrooms, performing arts facilities, theatres, nightclubs,  sporting facilities, classrooms and more.   We enjoy unusual and challenging projects.  We have a wide variety of design resources to reach for as appropriate. 

When it comes to execution we will work closely with you, your staff, architect, contractor and other trades as necessary to meet you installation schedule.  We generate our drawings using AutoCAD the industry standard of drafting programs.  A precision and quality installation is our goal. 

We have our own in house fabrication workshop for both wood and metal products.  We can custom cut, weld, mill using various tools that include CNC computerized cutting tables.  This allows us to custom fabricate components specifically for your job or application.

After the job is complete we will train you and/or your staff with the operation and maintenance of your equipment and/or system.  We will also provide technical support after completion as well as warranty service. 

We can install you equipment or system anywhere within the United States or internationally.  We currently have installations in the Caribbean and South America.  We can also refer you to other contractors for other disciplines in your project such as lighting, video and theatrical equipment.